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PostSubject: About Us   Fri Aug 21, 2009 11:56 am

Welcome to Clan d'Crab!

Since you have found us, there is a good chance you already know fairly well who we are, but for the random strollers and interested nutheads here is a short introduction and bit of a history.

Crab d'Clan's base consists of remnants of the linkshell Crableague from FFXI, and the legion Omoide from Aion, but some of us have played WoW and other games as well. We are not hardcore in the sense of raiding every night till small hours, but we have a serious approach to the game and want to experience all aspects of it. Despite the fact that our core is Swedish, we are an English speaking, international linkshell and we welcome people from all parts of the world. I like to believe that we are fun and friendly in our own way.

Here we are, almost the whole bunch, high level and all.

Clan d'Crab started as a little family linkshell called Crableague (if you have to know someone let the kid pick the name and Crabcakes was taken) in September 2004. From the original squad you'll find here myself - Lucienne, Vigil, Ithaqua and Dragulia. Nephthys is playing WoW at the moment and will hopefully join us in spring at PS3 release.

With our token galka, Ashlar. Takosaga's has leveled his hiding skills while waiting for pt invites on his dragoon.

Crableague slowly grew in numbers and became a tight group of friends. The orginal leader Ithaqua buried himself in rl responsibilities more and more leaving me in the position of informal leader, with all its duties and beauties. Years went by, we grew older, wiser, in some cases possibly balder, or bolder if you'd like, some of us quit for other games, joined serious end game shells or just let real life have its way.

The crab belongs ironically to the RDM/BST, Dani.

Some of us met up again in autumn 2009 to try our luck in the world of Aion under the name of Omoide. The game didn't live up to our expectations and most of us eventually left for one reason or another. Even though our appearance in Aion was shortlived we had managed to gain a position of a small, but skilled and influential legion.

Besides some of the above mentioned members even Sywen and Knoxx will be joining us on the journey to FFXIV.

You might wonder why all those different names, from Crableague to Omoide and then to Clan d'Crab. There are several reasons for that. For one, there really weren't enough crabs in Aion to justify the name. Another reason is that the people coming to FFXIV are not only old friends from XI, but also other games.

I hope I didn't bore you to death!

Thanks to Ishandris and Ailcear for supplying the screanshots.

In memory of Shuyan, wherever you are.
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About Us

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